10 June 2013

Happy birthday, dear Movie Blog

Happy three-month birthday, dear Movie Blog!  And congratulations on getting caught up with the back log of movies.  The 81st movie, Skin, was posted on Saturday, June 8.  Today, The Great Gatsby, seen yesterday, was posted.
The response so far has in some ways been surprising.  Without doing any advertising except by sending the link to some friends and the followers of Shakespeare Calling, about fifteen hundred visits have been registered from:
South Korea
The Netherlands
The Philippines
The UK
The Ukraine
The US

The top five countries are:
                      Sweden (many of the visits are mine, as I post reviews), the US, Bulgaria, Germany, the UK, followed closely by Russia and the Ukraine.

My question is how do you all find the blog? What did you search on to get here?  I’m really curious. If you read this, please leave a comment telling me.

Statistics on the posts read are also surprising.  One of the most obscure films, at least one I had never heard of, Life Above All, is by far the leader with over a hundred visits.  Who are you all, and how and why did you visit this particular post? Please leave a comment!

The other four on the top five are: The Intro, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Hamlet (Almereyda 2000), Twelfth Night (1988 Branagh).  All of the Hamlet related movies are near the top of the list. That makes my Shakespearean alter ego happy!

There are two things I hope for in the future of the blog:
  1. More comments! They don’t have to be long or analytical (although that’s great too) but responses and debates and disagreements are always fun.
  2. More followers. Unfortunately it seems one must have a Gmail address to become part of the “circle” but that’s easily done if you don’t mind having still another mail address.

For now, thanks to you all who have visited the blog and commented on the movies reviewed here. I’m looking forward to your continued interest!

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