6 January 2014


Gravity – 2013
  • Director: Alfonso Cuarón
  • Based on book: no.
  • Cast: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney
  • Personal “oh yeah him/her” reaction, i.e. have seen this actor/actress in:
    • Sandra Bullock  Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Infamous, The Lake House, Crash, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, 28 Days, Practical Magic, While You Were Sleeping, Speed,
    • George Clooney – Burn After Reading, Michael Clayton, Good Night and Good Luck, Intolerable Cruelty, The Perfect Storm, O Brother Where Art Thou, The Thin Red Line
  • Why? Sandra Bullock, good reviews, sounded good
  • Seen: at the cinema with Hal, B-IS and ÖB January 4, 2014 

       Maybe I won’t become an astronaut after all. It seems a bit risky. Especially in 3D.
       The effects are what the film is all about and they’re spectacular enough. There is a lot of hanging on tight to the armrest and Hal’s hand and there are a half a dozen big gasps. The views of Earth and space are really beautiful.
       But I expect more.  Characters and a strong story, for example. Well, the story is enough. Two astronauts are stranded outside of their spaceship, the only survivors of satellite scrap crashing into them. Simple but enough. But the characters are, sadly, victims of gender stereotyping. Macho Clooney. Grieving mom Bullock. It gets pretty pathetic.
       It is very exciting though. Sandra Bullock is good as always. Her tears falling from her eyes and floating towards us via the 3D glasses are cool.
2 ½ * of 5


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