21 February 2014

Harry and Me

                       It took me a long time to fall for Harry Potter.  It was when the last book was published that I said, “OK, OK, I’ll give them a try!”
                      I became addicted.  To both the books and the films.  By now I’ve read all the books at least three times. I’ve seen all the films at least three times.  The last time Hal and I watched them it was in a read-book-watch-film marathon with friend YW.  And when it was done I felt a strong urge to do it all again.
                      Things have happened and my watch-all-the-HP-films-nonstop hasn’t quite fit into my schedule.  But we have now ordered our tickets to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London in June so it’s time.  We’re going to watch them all, if not non-stop at least we’ll manage two a day on this four-day weekend. And then I’ll read the books. Again.
                      The films will all get 5* of 5, at least, so there’s no point in rating them. I simply love these films. I’ll try to have the presence of mind to write something about each of them. I don’t promise that what I write will be analytical or reasonable or scientific or intellectual. But it will be sincere.
                      OK. It’s soon time to start.

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