24 March 2014

Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back 1980
  • Director: Irvin Kershner
  • Based on book: No
  • Cast: Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams, Alec Guinness, James Earl Jones (Darth Vader’s voice, uncredited!)
  • Personal “oh yeah him/her” reaction, i.e. have seen this actor in:
    • Harrison Ford – The Fugitive, Presumed Innocent, Indiana Jones. Working Girl, The Mosquito Coast, Blade Runner, Apocalypse Now, Witness
    • Carrie Fisher – When Harry Met Sally, Blues Brothers
    • Billy Dee Williams – Lady Sings the Blues
    • Alec Guinness  A Handful of Dust, Kafka, Dr. Zhivago, Lawrence of Arabia, Bridge over the River Kwai, Oliver Twist
  • Why? Liked it the first time. It’s a classic
  • Seen:  Once before.  Now: March 21, 2014
       Light years from the first Star Wars, this is a disappointment.  It’s boring. Luke whinges a lot.  Han is annoying and Leia is even worse. The sexist banter between macho arrogant Han and turned-on-and-falling-in-love-in-spite-of-herself Leia is so not amusing.  Yoda’s yoga mysticism and the stilted backwards sentences are, I suppose, meant to be clever and endearing but they aren’t.
       When things get dramatic Luke is meant to be noble but he’s just thick.
       It is a bit exciting towards the end when Darth Vader intones, “I am your father” (I thought that came at the end of the next film) but Luke’s gasping protests aren’t very convincing. And then all of a sudden it’s all over and we don’t know what has happened to Han - and forget to care for several minutes until we say, “Oh, yes, what happened to Han?” I assume we’ll find out next time.
       Maybe it’s as good as the first one. Some think it’s even better. I don’t. But maybe I’m just in a bad mood. May the Force come back. Please.

1 ½  * of 5


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  1. We just watched this one again - I agree with myself