6 October 2014


Rango 2011
  • Directors: Gore Verbinski
  • Based on book: No.
  • Cast: voices of Johnny Depp,  Isla Fisher, Abigail Breslin, Ned Beatty, Alfred Molina, Bill Nighy, Steven Root, Harry Dean Staunton
  • Personal “oh yeah him/her” reaction, i.e. have heard this actor’s voice in:
    • Johnny Depp  Nightmare on Elm Street, Platoon, Slow Burn, Cry-Baby, Edward Scissorhands, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Arizona Dream, Benny and Joon, Ed Wood, Don Juan DeMarco, Dead Man, Nick of Time, Donnie Brasco, The Brave, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Astronaut’s Wife, Sleepy Hollow, The Man Who Cried, Chocolat, Blow, From Hell, Lost in La Mancha, Pirates of the Caribbean (all four of them), Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Secret Window, Finding Neverland, Libertine, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sweeney Todd, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, Public Enemies, Alice in Wonderland, The Tourist
    • Isla Fisher – The Great Gatsby
    • Abigail Breslin – Little Miss Sunshine
    • Ned Beatty – Homicide Life on the Streets
    • Alfred Molina – An Education, Chocolat, As You Like It, Frida, Prick Up Your Ears, Boogie Nights, Dead Man, Enchanted April, Letter to Brezhnev
    •  Bill Nighy – Hotel Marigold, Pirates of the Caribbean, Love Actually, Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part One, The Girl in the Café, The Boat that Rocked, Shaun of the Dead
  • Why? JD. 41st in JD marathon
  • Seen:  October 3, 2014
What to expect of this film?  I have no idea. I seem to remember it got good reviews when it came but more than that I don’t know.  Oh the power of JD!
It proves to be a thin story, a good old western. A lizard who doesn’t really know his own identity ends up in a desert, in the town of Dirt, which is slowly dying of drought. The lizard starts calling himself Rango, becomes the hero and the sheriff and – dead. Or something.
It’s silly but there are funny bits. It’s imaginative, visual and cleverly populated by animated...animals.
I’m not fond of westerns in any form. This one is no exception. I’m sure they all had fun. The variety of creatures and action is seemingly endless.  And soon tiresome.
JD’s voice is generally recognisable and he does a fine job but I can’t really identify the others until Bill Nighy turns up as the evil snake.  That’s cool.
Slightly amusing are the brief references to Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas but I didn’t like that one either.
It ends up with a bit of an environmental message so that, the visuals and JD’s and Bill Nighy’s voice lift it to

2 * of 5

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