11 May 2015


Tin 2015
  • Director: Bill Scott
  • Based on novel: I think an author was listed but nothing is noted on IMdB
  • Cast: Jenny Agutter, Helen Bendell, Ben Dyson, Benjamin Luxon, Dean Nolan,
  • Personal “oh yeah him/her” reaction, i.e. have seen this actor in:
    • Jenny Agutter – Love’s Labour’s Lost
  •  Why?  Recommended by our new friends HC and M-H as a film-dinner offer at the cinema in Penzance.
  • Seen:  May 2, 2015 at the Merlin Cinema in Penzance, Cornwall. 

Western Cornwall has had tin mines since before the Romans. This movie was filmed around here and the locals are proud of it. It will be interesting to see for many reasons. So what does it offer?
A touch of farce, more than a touch of melodrama, plenty of Cornish coastal cliffs.
It’s mid-19th century and the characters are shady bankers, a rapacious London investor, a pious fanatic with a Jesus complex and suppressed urges, a lovelorn loveable vicar, a mute wheelchair-ridden but tough old mother, a cheeky sensual housemaid with a mind of her own, a gracefully ageing opera singer in a travelling troupe and a ruined mine owner saved at the last minute by the discovery of copper in the depleted tin mine.
It has the charming feel of local amateur thespians who love what they’re doing and love their local history.
It’s very special to sit on the threadbare red velvet seats in this old classic cinema with the descendants of the tin miners (no doubt) with the sea visible just down the hilly streets of Penzance.
The film itself?  Most enjoyable.

3 * of 5

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