23 May 2016

The X-Files Fight the Future

The X-Files Fight the Future 1998
  • Director: Rob Bowman
  • Based on book: no
  • Cast: Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, John Neville, William B. Davis, Martin Landau, Mitch Pileggi
  • Personal “oh yeah him/her” reaction, i.e. have seen this actor in:
    • Gillian Anderson – The Fall, Great Expectations, Tristram Shandy, Playing by Heart, The X-Files
    • David Duchovny – Things We Lost in the Fire, Return to Me, Twin Peaks, Working Girl, The X-Files
    • John Neville – Spider, Sunshine, The Fifth Element, Little Women, Billy Budd, The X-Files
    • William B. Davis – The X-Files
    • Martin Landau – Sleepy Hollow, Ed Wood, Mission Impossible,  various TV series
    • Mitch Pileggi – The X-Files
  • Why? In the X-Files box
  • Seen:  20 May 2016      

       We’ve just finished watching Season 6 and now our friend JS tells us that this film comes between Seasons 5 and 6. OK, we’ll back up a bit.
       I do not love The X-Files. But. Something about it keeps us going. That something is two somebodies: Scully and Mulder.
       I’m not going to start this review with snide remarks about the historical inaccuracy of the intro. The X-Files tend not to be completely realistic. I have to stop being a stickler for realism. I’ll just sit back and watch the film. 
       It’s exciting. It has Scully and Mulder in it. What more can one want?
       Martin Landau, for example. Always a plus. A glimpse of London. Ah, London. Conspiracies. Aliens. Scary cornfields.
       And an almost kiss!
       I don’t love The X-Files. But this is actually The X-Files Deluxe. It’s silly. Of course it’s silly. But it’s exciting. And it’s Scully and Mulder. Who cares that nobody explains how they are rescued from certain death in the Antarctic and are suddenly back at FBI headquarters in Washington DC? I don’t.

3 * of 5

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