25 November 2016

Shallow Grave

Shallow Grave
  • Director: Danny Boyle
  • Based on novel: by no
  • Cast: Ewan McGregor, Christopher Eccleston, Kerry Fox, Ken Stott, Keith Allen, Colin McCredie, Gary Lewis
  • Personal “oh yeah him/her” reaction
    • Ewan NcGregor – Mortdecai, The Impossible, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, The Ghost Writer, Stay, Star Wars I-III, Big Fish, Young Adam, Moulin Rouge, Little Voice, Velvet Goldmine, A Life Less Ordinary, Brassed Off, Trainspotting
    • Christopher Eccleston – Fortitude, Doctor Who, 28 Days Later, The Others, eXistenZ, Elizabeth
    • Kerry Fox – Mental, Bright Star, An Angel at My Table
    • Ken Stott – The Hobbit films, The Girl in the Café, Fever Pitch, For Queen and Country, King Lear
    • Keith Allen – Case Histories, 24 Hour Party People, The Others, Train Spotting, Kafka
    • Gary Lewis – Billy Elliot, Case Histories, Merlin, Filth, Gangs of New York, East Is East, My Name Is Joe, Carla’s Song
  • Why? cast and director
  • Seen: once before. Now 28 October 2016 

One of the stranger movies we’ve seen it has nevertheless stayed with me and I’ve been wanting to watch it again for some time. Having just watched Eccleston in his Doctor Who role and thinking it wasn’t right for him (Doctor Who is and always will be David Tennant to me) I’m looking forward to seeing him in a role suited to his admirable acting skills. And I always want to see Ewan McGregor.
Three friends share a flat in Glasgow (and what a flat!) and are looking for a fourth roommate.  They grill their prospective lodger with bizarre and cruel interrogations and reject them all. Until Hugo. They accept him, he moves in and promptly commits suicide. They find him in his room with a suitcase packed with cash.
Juliet (Fox) is a laid-back but professionally cool doctor. David (Eccleston) is a straight-laced trustworthy accountant. Alex (McGregor) is half-mental journalist who talks them into keeping the money.
But they must get rid of the body. Alex insists they should chop it up. In a series of macabre and funny scenes they manage this and life goes on. And then falls apart.
It’s weird, surrealistic, suspenseful and at times scary. It’s a compelling film with compelling performances, especially by the starring trio. The visual effects are suggestive, stark, frantic at times, colourful and dark. It’s a psychological thrill way beyond the ordinary.

4 * of 5

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