25 July 2016

Harry and Hamlet

            There will be no new movie reviews on this blog for a few weeks, not because I won’t be watching movies but because I’ve already reviewed the ones we’ll be watching.
            Harry! Can’t stay away from Harry Potter. Completely without planning it Hal and I started, on Friday evening, to watch the Harry Potter films again. We watched The Philosopher’s Stone. Seven left to go. For this time.
            Hamlet! Can’t stay away from Shakespeare and we’re doing Hamlet again. Have watched three spin-offs we hadn’t seen before: The Prince of Jutland, The Empress, Hamlet Goes Business. You can see the reviews here on the blog. Of the films we’ve already seen we’ve now watched three: the brilliant Adrian Lester in Peter Brook’s production, the tedious Olivier version and the very well done BBC version with Derek Jacobi.  We have six left to go.
            So while waiting for new reviews to appear, I hope you enjoy the already posted reviews of the Harry and Hamlet films.

            Believe me, it’s a perfect combination. Who knows? You might become addicted too…

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