9 April 2018

Frankie & Alice

Frankie & Alice 2009
  • Director: Geoffrey Sax
  • Based on novel: No
  • Cast: Halle Barry, Stellan Skarsgård, Phylicia Rashad, Chandra Wilson
  • Personal “oh yeah him/her” reaction, i.e. have seen this actor in
    • Halle Barry – X Men Days of Future Past, Cloud Atlas, Things We Lost in the Fire, Monster’s Ball, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge, Jungle Fever
    • Stellan Skarsgård – River, Cinderella, The Railway Man, Melancholia, Thor, Mamma Mia, Pirates of the Caribbean, Dogville, The Glass House, Dancer in the Dark, Amistad, Good Will Hunting, Breaking the Waves, Hamlet Prins av Danmark, Den enfaldige mördaren
  • Why? Halle Barry and Stellan Skarsgård
  • Seen: 6 April 2018 

LA in the 70’s. Frankie (Barry) is a stripper in a go-go cage. To survive, she closes her eyes and lets the music take her out of her body. Unfortunately the out-of-body thing gets her sent to a mental hospital. Doctor Oswald (Skarsgård) wants to discover the cause of her recurring black-outs and severe memory loss. She seems to do bad things that she doesn’t remember.
Frankie has another person living in her head. Alice. Or, actually, several.    
Movies about psychiatrists and patients tend to be interesting. Skarsgård and Barry, who are always good, lift this one to above average.

4* of 5

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